Monday 23rd. 12h-13h15

12h-13h, Ostrom’s room. Session 23.3_O
Chaired by Martin Loeder, Bayreuth

  • Speaker: Rohrbach Stephan
    Impact of microplastic on bacterial communities in soil and their impact on microplastic degradation capacity - Rohrbach Stephan, Gkoutselis Gerasimos Makis, Weig Alfons, Obst Martin, Rambold Gerhard, Horn Marcus A..
    Paper number 333663, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Möller Julia
    Extracting microplastics from complex environmental samples - dos, don’ts, and validation - Möller Julia, Heisel Ingrid, Satzger Anna, Oster Simon Jakob, Agarwal Seema, Löder Martin, Laforsch Christian.
    Paper number 334187, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Seidenath Dimitri
    Digging in the dirt: Does soil pollution affect colony founding in the black garden ant Lasius niger? - Seidenath Dimitri, Otti Oliver, Holzinger Anja, Lücker Darleen, Kemnitz Klara, Feldhaar Heike.
    Paper number 334412, cc-by-nc-sa.

12h-13h, Meadows’s room. Session 23.3_Me
Chaired by Gunnar Gerdts, Heligoland.

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12h-13h, Margulis’s room. Session 23.3_Ma
Chaired by Juliana-A. Ivar-do-Sul

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13h-13h15’, Gaia’s room. 23.3_O, 23.3_Me, 23.3_Ma sessions brief 23.3_Gaia
By: Martin Loeder, Gunnar Gerdts and Juliana-A. Ivar-do-Sul.