Monday 23rd. 18h30-19h30

Gaia’s room LIVE at 18h30
and at 18h37’ we go LIVE to Plymouth Art’s Institute

Litter is everywhere. It is on country lanes and city streets, washed up in polar regions and deposited on mountains as particles present in ‘plastic rain’. It can be so small it needs to be viewed through a microscope and so large that its true scale can only be understood through satellite imagery. It’s the coffee cup in the hedge and the Pacific garbage patch.

This online exhibition presents works by international artists who explore everyday practices of littering and consider its effects. It asks: What might the future look like in our littered world? Are there ways that humans, animals and plants can co-exist with or even prosper amongst the rubbish? And what will it take to clean up our act?

Commissioned by the The Arts Institute, Everywhere is launched alongside the international conference MICRO2020 which explores the fate and impacts of microplastics in the environment.

Curated by Joanne Lee and Rosemary Shirley

Highlight from Plymouth. Everywhere: Life in a littered world.