Monday 23rd. 10h30-11h45

10h30-11h30, Ostrom’s room. Session 23.2_O
Chaired by Sven Frei, Bayreuth

  • Speaker: Elagami Hassan
    Laboratory testing of the behavior of microplastics in lake systems - Elagami Hassan.
    Paper number 333268, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Rolf Markus
    Accumulation of microplastic in a Lower Rhine alluvial floodplain in Germany - Rolf Markus, Laermanns Hannes, Steininger Florian, Löder Martin, Möller Julia, Bogner Christina.
    Paper number 334325, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Schmidt Christian
    Loads, spatial patterns and potential toxicity of microplastics emitted from wastewater treatment plant effluents in rivers in Germany - Schmidt Christian, Kumar Rohini, Yang Soohyun, Büttner Olaf.
    Paper number 334690, cc-by-nc-sa.

10h30-11h30, Meadows’s room. Session 23.2_Me
Chaired by Bruno Tassin, Marne la Vallée

  • Speaker: Tamminga Matthias
    Microplastics in a deep, dimictic lake of the North German Plain with special regard to vertical distribution patterns - Tamminga Matthias, Fischer Elke.
    Paper number 328229, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Alimi Olubukola
    Exposure of nanoplastics to freeze-thaw leads to aggregation and reduced transport in model groundwater environments - Alimi Olubukola, Farner Jeffrey, Tufenkji Nathalie.
    Paper number 331662, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Forrest Shaun
    Microplastic concentration in active combined sewage overflow events - Forrest Shaun, Vermaire Jesse, Mcmahonc Darryl, Adams Bill.
    Paper number 332090, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Waldschläger Kryss
    Which parameters influence the infiltration behaviour of microplastic particles into fluvial sediment? - Waldschläger Kryss.
    Paper number 332418, cc-by-nc-sa.

10h30-11h30, Margulis’s room. Session 23.2_Ma
Chaired by Mateo Cordier

  • Speaker: Hengstmann Elena
    Anthropogenic litter and microplastics in sediments from Lake Tollense, Germany - Hengstmann Elena, Fischer Elke.
    Paper number 328311, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Conceição Gisele
    Cigarette butts: spatial and seasonal characterization in a sandy beach in South Brazil - Conceição Gisele, Ramos Bruna, Lacerda Ana Luzia, Proietti Maíra.
    Paper number 334507, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Ramos Bruna
    Spatial and seasonal characterization of litter at a sandy beach in south Brazil: types, materials and sources - Ramos Bruna, Lameiro Fábio Rodrigues, Alencar Melanie Vianna, Lacerda Ana Luzia De Figueiredo, Proietti Maira.
    Paper number 334518, cc-by-nc-sa.

11h30-11h45, Gaia’s room. 23.2_O, 23.2_Me, 23.2_Ma sessions brief 23.2_Gaia
By: Sven Frei, Bruno Tassin and Mateo Cordier