Monday 23rd. 14h-15h15

14h-15h, Ostrom’s room. Session 23.4_O
Chaired by Ika Paul-Pont, Plouzané

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14h-15h, Meadows’s room. Session 23.4_Me
Chaired by Cristina Fossi, Siena

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14h-15h, Margulis’s room. Session 23.4_Ma
Chaired by Ana Liria, Gran Canaria

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  • Speaker: Covernton Garth
    Quantifying microplastics across trophic levels in marine food webs of coastal British Columbia, Canada - Covernton Garth, Cox Kieran, Fleming Wendy, Buirs Brittany, Davies Hailey, Juanes Frances, Dudas Sarah, Dower John.
    Paper number 334452, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Santana Marina
    Microplastic contamination on coral reef ecosystems around lizard island, great barrier reef, australia - Santana Marina, Motti Cherie, Van Herwerden Lynne, Kroon Frederieke.
    Paper number 334459, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Freitas Tainah
    Cephalopods and litter at sea: interactions and potential impacts - Freitas Tainah, Leite Tatiana, Proietti Maira.
    Paper number 334522, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Jones Jen
    Investigating the risks of plastic pollution in the Galapagos Marine Reserve, Ecuador - Jones Jen, Muñoz-Pérez Juan Pablo, Porter Adam, Galloway Tamara, Godley Brendan, Lewis Ceri.
    Paper number 334581, cc-by-nc-sa.

15h-15h15’, Gaia’s room. 23.4_O, 23.4_Me, 23.4_Ma sessions brief 23.4_Gaia
By: Ika Paul-Pont, Cristina Fossi and Ana Liria.