Monday 23rd. 9h-10h15

9h-10h, Ostrom’s room. Session 23.1_O.
Chaired by Andy Booth, Trondheim

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  • Speaker: Caputo Fanny
    Measuring particle size distribution and mass concentration of microplastics and nanoplastics: opening an analytical challenge in the sub-micron size range - Caputo Fanny, Vogel Robert, Savage John, Vella Giacomo, Alice Law, Della Camera Giacomo, Hannon Gary, Peacock Ben, Mehn Dora, Ponti Jessica, Geiss Otmar, Aubert Dimitri, Prinamello Adriele, Calzolai Luigi.
    Paper number 332829, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Barnett Symiah
    An environmentally-friendly method for the identification of microplastics using density analysis - Barnett Symiah, Quintana Belén, Pietroluongo Guido, Miliou Anastasia.
    Paper number 334050, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Iordachescu Lucian
    Fate and removal rates of microplastics in multiple WWTP’s utilizing different Biological Active filters (BAF) - Iordachescu Lucian, Papacharalampos Konstantinos, Denieul Marie-Pierre, Barritaud Lauriane, Baratto Gilles, Ingrand Valerie, Plessis Emmanuel, Vollertsen Jes.
    Paper number 334212, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Al-Azzawi Mohammed S. M
    Microplastic sample preparation methods for wastewater samples: Their applicability for sub-micro- & nano-plastic and the challenges ahead - Al-Azzawi Mohammed S. M, Knoop Oliver, Drewes Jörg E..
    Paper number 334254, cc-by-nc-sa.

9h-10h, Meadows’s room. Session 23.1_Me
Chaired by Annika Jahnke, Leipzig

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  • Speaker: Miranda Mariana N.
    Effect of simulated treatments and weathering processes on the aging of land-based microplastics - Miranda Mariana N., Sampaio Maria J., Silva Adrián M. T., Pereira M. Fernando R..
    Paper number 333899, cc-by-nc-sa.
    The video number 333899 is not in the public domain, please contact the author for more details.
  • Speaker: Le Bihanic Florane
    Are chemicals from aged plastic collected on beaches toxic for human cells? - Le Bihanic Florane, Clérandeau Christelle, Cachot Jérôme, Morin Bénédicte.
    Paper number 334289, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Klein Kristina
    Induction of in-vitro toxicity by UV-weathered microplastic leachates - Klein Kristina.
    Paper number 334463, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: De Falco Francesca
    Clothing laundry and wearing as sources of microfibre release to water and air - De Falco Francesca, Cocca Mariacristina, Avella Maurizio, Thompson Richard C..
    Paper number 334487, cc-by-nc-sa.

9h-10h, Margulis’s room. Session 23.1_Ma
Chaired by Arnaud Huvet, Plouzané

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  • Speaker: Miller Michaela
    Monitoring microplastics in central Great Barrier Reef surface waters: A temporal case study at the Yongala Shipwreck - Miller Michaela, Kroon Frederieke, Hamann Mark.
    Paper number 334185, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Siri Cécilia
    Bioavailability of steroid hormones sorbed on microplastics for aquatic organisms through biological fluids - Siri Cécilia, Masset Thibault, Liu Yang, Breider Florian.
    Paper number 334242, cc-by-nc-sa.
  • Speaker: Rios-Fuster Beatriz
    Experimental evidence of physiological and behavioral effects of microplastics ingestion in Sparus aurata - Rios-Fuster Beatriz, Arechavala-Lopez Pablo, García-Marcos Karlos, Alomar Carme, Compa Montserrat, Alvarez Elvira, Deudero Salud.
    Paper number 334262, cc-by-nc-sa.

10h-10h15’, Gaia’s room. 23.1_O, 23.1_Me, 23.1_Ma sessions brief
By: Andy Booth, Annika Jahnke and Arnaud Huvet.