MICRO 2020

Under COVID conditions MICRO 2020 was substantially online-based.

This 3rd edition of MICRO was a chance to contribute to fostering a collaborative effort among our continuously expanding MICRO community.

We are more than 2000 authors thankful to be part of such an intense week. Hope the way we have supported each other and our pursuits this week extends ’MICRO 2020: Lanzarote and Beyond’ to ’MICRO 2022: OUTSIDE’ !!!

Attendee certificates were sent to all participants on January 22nd 2021;
Posters have been available online since the end of the conference and
prerecorded-Videos will be available below by April 2021.

MICRO 2020. Fate and Impact of Microplastics: Knowledge and Responsibilities. MSFS-WNICBR (Eds) 999 pp. cc-by-nc-sa. ISBN 978-84-09-28637-9, 2021.

Authors, Speakers, Chairpersons, Scientific Committee, Technical Crew, Core Group, Nodes and ALL participants: SUCH A GREAT WEEK, accompanied throughout by Elinor Ostrom, Donella Meadows and Lynn Margulis.

Enjoy the online content under cc-by-nc-sa open access licence.