Wednesday 25th. 18h30-19h27

The Marine Strategy Framework Directive perspective: a panel conversation.
Chaired by Bethany Jorgensen, Ithaca.

We are pleased to invite you to join 5 members of the European Commission Technical Group on Marine Litter - Microlitter:

  • Georg Hanke;
  • Elke Fischer;
  • Gunnar Gerdts;
  • Jakob Strand and
  • Francois Galgani.

For 57 minutes, in Gaia’s Room, they will share the most recent Updates and offer a panel conversation about the ongoing efforts of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

If you have questions for them, please use this Pad; they will not be able to reply to everything; but it is important to let them know our interests:

Here is the pad to ADD YOUR QUESTIONS to the European Commission Technical Group on on Marine Litter - Microlitter.