Microplasticrusts on the remote trindade island - brazil

, Santos Fernanda, Fernandino Gerson, De Souza Maria Cristina, Angulo Rodolfo, Guedes Carlos.

The global microplastic pollution achieved alarming levels posing challenges and affecting not only ecological or chemical systems, but also geological systems. In this scenario, recent studies have indicated the relationship between plastics and other marine litter items and geology, resulting in new terms such as plastiglomerates, pyroplastics, anthropoquinas and plasticrusts, being the latter described as partially melted plastic fragments encrusting to rock surfaces. A sample of remobilized sandstone pebble with a micro fraction of plasticrusts, we termed them as microplasticrusts, has been found on the remote Trindade Island (Brazilian offshore territory on the South Atlantic Ocean) at the Tartarugas (Turtles) Parcel beach. The microplasticrusts of the sampled pebble has been quantified and characterized according to size, color and overall texture. The microplasticrusts are a type of pollution that encrusted on surface and the texture (filling holes) of the sandstone,

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