Monday Nov. 14th. 15h30-16h50

15h30-16h30, Ostrom’s room. Session 14.5_O.
Chaired by Daniel Hill and Luca Maurizi, Aalborg

15h30-16h30, Meadows’s room. Session 14.5_Me
Chaired by Matthias Schott, Bayreuth

15h30-16h30, Margulis’s room. Session 14.5_Ma
Chaired by Hosein Foroutan, Blacksburg

15h30-16h30, Gaia’s room. Session 14.5_G
Chaired by Friederike Stock, Koblenz

16h30-16h50, Lanzarote’s room. 14.5_O, 14.5_Me, 14.5_Ma and 14.5_G sessions brief
By: Daniel , Luca, Matthias, Hosein and Friederike.