Monday Nov. 14th. 9h-10h20

9h-10h, Ostrom’s room. Session 14.1_O.
Chaired by Winnie Courtene-Jones, Plymouth

9h-10h, Meadows’s room. Session 14.1_Me
Chaired by Andy Booth, Trondheim

9h-10h, Margulis’s room. Session 14.1_Ma
Chaired by Bruno Tassin, Marne la Vallée

9h-10h, Gaia’s room. Session 14.1_G
Chaired by Bethany Jorgensen, Ithaca

10h-10h15’, Lanzarote’s room. 14.1_O, 14.1_Me, 14.1_Ma and 14.1_G sessions brief
By: Winnie , Andy, Bruno and Bethany.