Microplastic identification using Raman microsocpy

, Shiwani Shiwani, Popp Jürgen, Krafft Christoph, Schie Iwan.

The manufacturing of plastics has expanded enormously over the previous half-century. Degradation of plastic leads to microplastics (MP's) which appear to have become increasingly common in the environment. They have been found almost everywhere, inlcuding ocean, lakes, soil beach, and even human blood [1]. Thus, in terms of identifying MP's, highly efficient analytical techniques need to be developed. We developed and implemented a Raman-system, which enables rapid detection of microplastics on a substrate. The presentation will demonstrate the setup's development and use of it for the detection of microplastics. [1] Leslie, H. A. et al. (2022) “Discovery and quantification of plastic particle pollution in human blood,” Environment international, 163(107199), p. 107199.

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