Thursday Nov. 17th. 14h-15h20

14h-15h, Ostrom’s room. Session 17.4_O.
Chaired by Nan Wu, London (UK)

14h-15h, Meadows’s room. Session 17.4_Me
Chaired by Dannielle Green, Cambridge (UK)

14h-15h, Margulis’s room. Session 17.4_Ma
Chaired by Martin Thiel, Coquimbo

14h-15h, Gaia’s room. Session 17.4_G
Chaired by Joao Frias, Galway

15h-15h20, Lanzarote’s room. 17.4_O, 17.4_Me, 17.4_Ma and 17.4_G sessions brief
By: Nan, Dannielle, Martin and Joao.