Cigarette butt litter reduction initiative with voting ballot box unit at alexandra beach, sunshine coast australia

, Foley Alison.

Cigarette butts are the world's most common type of marine debris. They have been documented to negatively impact biodiversity, ecosystems, human health, and the economy. In order to address this, we conducted a social experiment of cigarette butt littering behaviour modification through the employment of a Cigarette Butt Voting Ballot Box to encourage appropriate and safe disposal of cigarette butts in a targeted area at Alexandra Beach, Sunshine Coast Australia. Utilising the Honolulu Strategy and in keeping with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14, the initiative was an opportunity to educate the public as to the environmental and punitive consequences of improper disposal and generate awareness across the Sunshine Coast Region. It was also an opportunity to demonstrate collaborative partnerships between government, non-profit, local citizens and private sector organisations in response to the prevalence of this form of waste through the employment of behaviour modification initiative to achieve a 70% reduction in cigarette butt litter at this location at the conclusion of the trial.

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