Special Session Collaborative Research Center CRC1357 Microplastics: M̈icroplastics: laws of formation, transport, physical-chemical behaviour and biological effects̈

, Laforsch Christian.

The CRC1357 Microplastics at the University of Bayreuth is a large interdisciplinary collaborative research centre funded by the DFG. The speakers are Christian Laforsch (Animal Ecology I) and Andreas Greiner (Macromolecular Chemistry II). This special session highlights new CRC1357 projects results of the main research areas: Biological Effects, Environmental behaviour and migration in and between ecosystems, Mechanisms of degradation of plastics in natural and technical systems. Guest keynote lecturer of the CRC1357 session is Denise Mitrano (ETH Zürich). The special session will be live-streamed on Tuesday 24th November 2020 and available in recorded formats (full session & single talks). 09:00 Christian Laforsch, UBT Welcome & “CRC1357 Microplastics-Fundamental Questions in Microplastics Research” 09:20 Keynote Denise Mitrano, ETH “Small(er) particles, big(ger) problems? Fate, transport and implications of nanoplastic in the environment” [micro2020:334123] 10:15 Keynote Seema Agarwal, UBT “Are Biodegradable Polymers a solution to the Microplastic issue?” [micro2020:334142] 10:50 WORLD CAFÉ / COFFEE BREAK 11:15 Anja Ramsperger, UBT “Environmental Exposure Enhances the Cellular Internalisation of Microplastic Particles” [micro2020:333340] 11:35 Anja Holzinger, UBT “Comparing the effects of multiple microplastic polymer types and shapes on the earthworm Eisenia fetida” [micro2020:334379] 11:55 Sven Frei, UBT “Occurrence of microplastics in the hyporheic zone of rivers” [micro2020:334135] 12:15 Moritz Lehmann, UBT „LBM Simulations of Raindrop Impacts demonstrate Microplastic Transport into the Atmosphere” [micro2020:334143] 12:35 Makis Gkoutselis M̈icroplastic as Spreader of Fungal Pathogens̈ [micro2020:334558] 12:55 Hannes Laermanns, Uni Köln “Tracing the lateral transport of microplastic particles with an advanced-imaging sCMOS camera” [micro2020:334274] 13:15 Martin Löder, UBT “Deeper insights: The potential of X-ray micro-computed tomography (µCT) in microplastic studies” [micro2020:334425] This special session is part of a larger local node event taking place 23-25.11.2020 at Schloß Thurnau, Germany. A camera team will live-stream and record the talks of the special session. Follow the event via Twitter @SFB1357 and @LimnoPlast.

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