From Land to Sea - Model for the documentation of land-sourced plastic litter

, Cieplik Stephanie.

The model F̈rom Land to Sea – Model for the documentation of land-sourced plastic litterẅas developed on behalf of BKV GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany. This model systematically records for the first time discharges of improperly disposed-of plastic litter from Germany that gets into the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. All discharge pathways and sources are taken into account. A distinction is made between discharges of microplastic and macroplastic. The main emphasis of this project is on the collection, compilation and processing of facts and data, especially with regard to mass flows and the routes by which the plastics are transported into the sea. The aim of the project is, based on the methodical approach, to systematically record, structure and quantify the main discharge pathways and sources for plastics. Only if the discharge pathways and sources as well as the corresponding mass flows of the plastics into the sea are identified and analysed, it will be possible to make a useful contribution to the prevention of further input of litter into the seas. The report and handbook belonging to the model are continuously updated and further revised. In addition to continuously adapting the above-mentioned framework conditions, the model parameters are also checked and, wherever necessary, modified. The evaluation of the model is accompanied by consultations with external experts. The open structure of the methodology makes it possible to also apply it to other regions or countries and to incorporate further discharge pathways. The advantage of the model lies, in particular, in the easy and flexible adaptation of variables and calculations. The aim is, therefore, to transfer the model to other regional conditions. The report and handbook for the model are available in German and English and can be obtained free of charge via the BKV website.

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