A comparison of floating marine debris across three ocean basins.

, Jones Lowenna, Duncan Emily, Penn Emily, Godley Brendan, Santillo David, Rendell-Bhatti Flora, Rowan Henthorn, Jucker Meret, Jimenez-Guri Eva.

Synthetic debris, more specifically plastic pollution in ocean ecosystems, is now a global concern. Five major ocean gyres have been identified as holding vast quantities of floating debris, with concerns the Arctic is fast becoming a sixth accumulation zone. Disparities in methodologies and reported results make accurate and reliable comparisons among studies difficult. Here we present a comparable assessment of sea-surface debris concentrations across three ocean basins. Sea- surface trawl samples (n=44) were obtained from locations within the Arctic (ARC n=13), Atlantic (ATL n=24) and Pacific (PAC n=7) Oceans, reporting a 100% incidence of synthetic material. Primarily particles were:

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