Special session: LIMNOPLAST microplastics in europe’s freshwater ecosystems: from sources to solutions (local node bayreuth)

, Laforsch Christian.

For detailed information see uploaded pdf: Microscopic plastic debris, so-called microplastics (MP), pose a global challenge. To meet this challenge, the EU-funded ITN-project LimnoPlast will for the first time bring together environmental, technical, and social sciences with the vision to transform a new understanding of freshwater MP to innovative solutions with experts from all over Europe. Exactly this trans- and interdisciplinary approach is also addressed within the planned program of this special session, with a heterogenous speaker composition regarding the expertise. As this is an ITN project with a special focus on early stage researchers (ESR), fortunately some ESRs are part of this submitted program and can present their research at this international conference. This special session will be closed with a panel discussion with 4 experts of the LimnoPlast consortium with different scientific background. 14:30 Christian Laforsch, UBT Welcome & Introduction to L̈imnoPlast: Microplastics In Europe's Freshwater Ecosystems: from sources to solutions” [no abstract submitted, general information on EU-funded ITN-project] 14:45 Keynote Thorsten Hüffer, Univie “Interactions of microplastics with xenobiotics in the environment - influence of particle aging on sorption and desorption” [micro2020:334239] 15:15 Keynote Expert Food Law [tbc] “title” [micro2020:xxxxxx] 15:45 Keynote Jes Vollertsen, AAU [stream] “Limits of quantification – a (hopefully) provocative discussion on our ability to quantify small microplastics in complex matrices” [micro2020:334541] 16:15 COFFEE BREAK / WORLD CAFÉ / Discussion, chat 16:30 Marcos Felipe Rodriguez, UiB (ESR13) [stream] “Risk Perception and Mental Models regarding Microplastics in Norway” [micro2020:334401] 16:45 Maja Grünzner, Univie (ESR14) “Behavioural Approaches to the Microplastics Problem and Solutions” [micro2020:334512] 17:00-17:45 PANEL DISCUSSION with 4 LimnoPlast scientists “Why do we need an inter- and transdisciplinary approach in the field of microplastic pollution?” [micro2020: 334364] Moderation: Elisabeth Rieger & Christoph Habel, UBT 19:00 Dinner

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