3PAC: A platform for plastic particles analyses & characterization

, Dehaut Alexandre, Doyen Périne, Grard Thierry, Souissi Sami, Monchy Sébastien, Amara Rachid, Duflos Guillaume.

In the recent years, research on microplastics (MP) and nanoplastics (NP) has largely developed with better insights on the way analyses have to be conducted. It is now clear that research in this topic necessitates huge investment in terms of expertise, infrastructure and materials in order to insure the best quality for results. In the framework of a French regional project, CPER Marco, different laboratories from Universities, CNRS and Anses decided to create a common platform (3PAC) in order to share knowledge, expertise, working methodologies and analysis devices. This platform presently gather different equipment: monitored laboratory aquaria for controlled exposition studies, a laminar flow cabinet to avoid contaminations, stereomicroscopes to characterize particles and a µRaman, a Py-GC/MS and a Py-GC/HRMS for the identification of polymers. In the future, acquisitions of new analytical equipment are planned including light scattering technology for NP characterization and µFT-IR for polymer identification. By now, expertise of the different partners allows to cover a large field of applications from both laboratory and field studies. Recently investigations have been carried out on sediment, organisms from the environment and their microbiote, but also caging of marine organisms, exposition of bivalves in controlled conditions. The ambition of 3PAC is to answer national and transnational call for projects, making available an ecosystem gathering expertise, technologies and infrastructures.

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