Citizen science for microplastic detection and analysis -A comparison with other fields of science – research limits and possibilities in the field of microplastic

, Cyvin Jakob, Lacerda Ana Luzia.

Citizen science is an important and powerfull way of gathering scientific data. This method found to contribute to the democratisation of academia, and awake the communities to environmental values, increasing their wish to take care of nature. There are another fields, such as ornitology, botany, ecotoxicology, and geology, among others, where citizen science is used not only to crowd source data, but also to let people do the first step of analysis, before reporting to their responsible science contact. Regarding to studies of macroplastics, beach surveys are common envolving citizens worldwide, and crowd sourcing of data is quite normal; this method is also used for microplastics, but to a limited degree, due the small size of these particles. In this study, by literature reviewing, we examined the possibilities of using citizen science for survey and analysis of microplastic compared to studies in another fields of science. We seek to learn from the ornitologists and ecotoxicologists. Their experiences are important when we conduct citizen science studies on microplastics. What kind of studies are so far conducted for microplastic analysis, and how to move this method of research forward regarding to microplastic surveying?

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