“Micro- and nanoplastic exposure effects in microalgae: a meta-analysis of standard growth inhibition tests”

, Reichelt Sophia, Gorokhova Elena.

The effects of micro-and nanoplastics (MNP) on aquatic life have been subject to a vivid discussion about their environmental impacts. Algae are the base of the aquatic food-web and therefore highly relevant for the ecosystem stability. Yet, the reported outcomes of MNP are adverse, ranging from inhibition to stimulation of growth. Therefore, synthesis of available data is needed for reliable risk assessment. We performed a meta-analysis study to assess the effect of MNP exposure on algal growth. Twenty studies published between 2010 and 2020 and representing 16 algal species and five polymer materials administered as particles in size range 0.04 to 3000 µm were included in this meta-analysis. A random-effect model was used to estimate the effect size in three datasets: (1) Low concentration range (

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